Application Security Consulting

When you come to Web Infomatrix then it doesn’t matter at what stage your application is in. Even the type of application like Web, cloud, mobile, IoT, or Embedded, does not make a difference. Our application security consulting services are available for every kind of application. We look for vulnerabilities and flaws in your application so as to make it one of the best applications in the market that consumers are willing to use. Our team provides you with a remediation plan so that all the problems regarding your application are fixed.

Web Infomatrix provides you with access to expertise and programming that can help your business succeed in the competitive market. The risks of software portfolios have been becoming complex with rapidly changing security. You need access to experts in order to pass this stage to be a successful brand in the market. When you choose our application consulting security services, you can get:

  • AppSec Program Strategy: You can build and accelerate your application security with our help.
  • Threat and Risk assessment: We help you understand both internal and external security risks that have to be addressed.
  • Application security training: We coach and grow security experts in your agency.
  • Black duck audits: Fast analysis of open source, legal, security, and quality risks for M&A due to internal reporting.

Implement and Deploy

Do you want to achieve long-term solutions? If you want to succeed in the modern market then it is important to have experts working on your projects. We provide you with a team of expert application developers who you can consult regarding your application security. It will help you understand the areas that you need to improve and why.

Web Infomatrix has one of the most affordable application solution consulting packages. Our services have a wide range with dedicated teams working on each one of them. We provide specialized implementation to help our clients achieve long-term success in their business. When you work with us then you get the best experts on your side to make your projects successful.

Why do clients choose us?

Over the years we have maintained a positive reputation of achieving complete success with application consulting. We recruit highly skilled individuals who give their complete input in making the agency a  successful business. So when you partner with us for your application security solution then you get access to expert solutions and the latest tools.

We don’t just consult based on whatever we set the criteria for. But we maintain the industry standards and consult or engage in your application development process. We provide a monthly progress report so that there is no doubt regarding the entire process. It also helps us maintain a clear and trustworthy solution process for our clients.

Get in touch with us to experience the best application solution consultancy service for your business.

Web Application Security

he most secure web applications are those that are developed initially with security in mind. Iflexion specialists follow a holistic approach to designing, building and supporting secure web applications. We address security issues on all application tiers (web server, application server and database).
While developing secure web applications we analyze helplessness categories and potential threats (external or internal) depending on application scenario and technologies used. This enables us to develop an effective security architecture and take proper countermeasures.
Application Security Consulting

Vulnerabilities and Potential Threats :

Authentication :

Input Validation :

Application Security Consulting

Configuration Management :

Unauthorized access to application administration, hacking of configuration data

Sensitive Data :

Sensitive data discloser, network eavesdropping, data tampering

Securing Applications through Development Life Cycle

From initial stages of the software development cycle Iflexion specialists thoroughly consider security implications. This allows defining potential risks early and implementing effective countermeasures.
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