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In Today’s world everything has become online and digital marketing services has become part of our lives. It may be any company, software, bank, shop and mall etc. The increased use of internet has created a security issue in our mind. When you do any thing over internet there may be chances of loosing your personal data because of cyber crime and ethical hacking.

Web Security Services for Companies and Agencies

The lifeblood of a company is its websites, applications, employees, and networks. That’s why the security portfolio covers everything—and everyone—connected to the Internet. All without an overabundance of complication.

Apps, websites, and APIs should all be protected.

Protect APIs, websites, and applications from assaults and bots, and keep your safeguards up to date against zero-day exploits.

A modern network, as well as a firewall

Consider newer, less resource-intensive ways to get next-generation firewalling and networking without having to backhaul data halfway around the world.

Put an end to lateral movement.

Consider how to reduce the danger of lateral movement by attackers and ransomware, as well as VPN network access concerns.

Remote teams must be protected.

No matter where they work, keep global employees safe from malware, ransomware, phishing, and other Internet threats.

Your modern security perimeter is the web edge.

You get a modern application security posture, pivot to Zero Trust access and cloud-delivered security for employees, and move to networking and firewall-as-a-service by making we’s network your enterprise security perimeter. For outstanding performance, dependability, and unlimited scalability, security is supplied through our global edge network of 250 data centres in over 100 locations, all managed from a single console.

Application safety is important.

Our application security portfolio keeps apps and APIs secure and productive, thwarts DDoS assaults, keeps bots at bay, identifies abnormalities and malicious payloads, and monitors for browser supply chain attacks, all while keeping an eye on browser supply chain attacks.

Network safety

With our integrated network security solutions for DDoS protection, WAN-as-a-service, and Firewall-as-a-service, we secure and strengthen your business.

Zero-trust protection

We Zero Trust provides secure, zero-trust access to your business apps without the usage of a VPN, as well as cloud-delivered security from our edge, to keep data and users safe from attacks, regardless of where they work.

Intelligence on threats At a large scale.

We’s worldwide network connects 250 cities in more than 100 countries. This enables us to serve 95 percent of the world’s Internet-connected population in less than 50 milliseconds. Our worldwide network capacity exceeds 121 terabits per second.

We’re curated and unique threat intelligence seamlessly protects tens of millions of Internet properties on our network from sophisticated attacks.

To safeguard every asset on our network from any danger, we operate on a vast scale.

It’s safe, quick, and simple.

We create products that are simple to set up and use. Every web product is built with ease of onboarding, adoption, and maintenance in mind.

There’s no hardware to rack and stack, no software to install, and it’s absolutely invisible to your users.

Minutes and hours, not days and weeks, are the units of measurement for deployment (or months). Adding new functionalities to we is simple and quick once you’ve signed up.

Our services are quite simple to utilise. Our website security experts were up to speed in nearly no time. We’ve now increased our reliance on we’s services. Integrating with any web solution has been really simple and straightforward.

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Pre Site Inspection


Accreditation Status

Different Stages of Life Cycle

Test Cycle

  1. Compliance Test
  2. A  Security audit is carried out and it may come in many different forms depending on the request. It can be broken down in many simple steps.
  3. Operation system and Application-verification is done for checking the different applications are according to company’s needs or not. Thus maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the system.
  4. Systems under development- verification is done for the developing systems to meet the configuration standards of the customer.
  5. Management of IT and Enterprise Architecture- A verification is done that the management infrastructure comprises all aspects of the system support or not.

Vulnerability Assessment

  1. It is a process of analyzing the system for any potential vulnerability that could lead to exploitation.
  2. Full access to network diagrams, schematics and configuration scripts and files
  3. Penetration Testing- It is essential for evaluating the system and network status for security attacks.

Network Security Audits

We do regular auditing of the networks to check for any security attack or malware. We at Web Infomatrix also provide security from Ethical Hacking to protect the networks, information assets, corporate reputation by identifying the malware before they attack. Our experts will identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for remedy. We also provide Forensic Investigation for cyber crime in some cases which are very difficult to tackle.

Regular internet and intranet t auditing is done for any security patches in the client zone to protect their system functioning and free fro many attack. We also provide web Portal development and Web Security training at minimum cost to make the people aware of network attacks and maintaining security.

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